Furnace Replacement, Barrie, ON

If you need help deciding between repairs or furnace replacement for your Barrie home, let us help with valuable information.

Furnace Replacement in Barrie, Ontario
Furnace Replacement in Barrie – It can be challenging to make the decision about whether to keep putting money into repairs for your Barrie, Ontario home’s furnace or consider furnace replacement instead. Every time you face yet another repair bill, you wonder if it is worth trying to extend its life or not. You don’t have a crystal ball, and quite frankly, neither do we. However, we do have 20 years of experience at Premier Home Comfort, which enables us to provide you with solid information so you can better make this frustrating decision.

The last thing you need is high pressure from a furnace replacement company that is intent on selling you the fanciest and most expensive new furnace. Our business comes from everything from furnace maintenance to furnace replacement, so we are just as content with doing a repair if that is what you want. We only strive to give you accurate information, so you can make the decision for yourself.

One thing to consider when making the decision is how efficient a new furnace would be compared to your current one. If we can save you enough on your heating costs to recoup the cost for furnace replacement in just a few years because your current one is very inefficient, that may make the decision easier to make. If you have questions about what you can save, give us a call. We’ll be happy to assess your current furnace and give you an estimate for furnace replacement or any of our other HVAC services.



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