Furnace ServiceIt’s important as a homeowner to know the exact needs of your home. If you’re aware of what needs to happen to keep your furnace functioning optimally, you’ll avoid unnecessary emergencies and increase the longevity of your heating system. Otherwise, you’re relying on the system to break before having it evaluated. You can save headaches, time, and money by being proactive and having these furnace services completed by your contractor.

  1. We’ll check the airflow and filters. We’ll also clean and remove anything that may be causing poor airflow. This may include changing out the filter, as well.
  2. We’ll check all the moving parts to make sure they are well-lubricated. If there is friction, we’ll add some grease to keep everything moving smoothly.
  3. We’ll test the entire system for maximum efficiency and safety. We want to make sure all the safety features are working appropriately and that you are getting the most out of your heating system.

As we go through each of these furnace services, we get a really good idea of how well everything is working together. We check each little part of the furnace to make sure it will continue to work well. We also suggest any other furnace services that we recommend as a result of our detailed inspection.  It can prolong your furnace’s lifespan to regularly fix the little issues. A furnace can be expensive to replace, but if you’re taking good care of it and replacing small parts along the way, it can last a long time.