3 Steps to Take When You Need Furnace Repair

It’s the middle of winter, it’s freezing cold outside, and… the furnace starts struggling to heat your home or stops altogether. This is never an ideal scenario, and it’s a situation where it is well worth having emergency supplies and a preparedness plan in place in advance, so you know what to do to stay safe. Here are three steps to take when you need furnace repair:

  1. Don’t delay in picking up the phone. Whether you start noticing the signs that you should have your furnace checked or if a furnace repair becomes obvious, make a phone call to your furnace technician right away. There are emergency services available if your furnace completely stops heating your home and you need repair right away.
  2. Keep heat in your home. If you are in the situation where there is no heat being generated by your furnace, focus on keeping heat inside by minimizing opening of your entrance doors, closing blinds and curtains, and making use of any space heaters or fireplaces. Beware, however, of using heat sources carefully as you do not want to spark an accidental fire by overloading your circuits or inadvertently introduce carbon monoxide fumes into your home in your effort to stay warm.
  3. Set a maintenance plan. If you don’t already have one, after a furnace repair, make a point of having an ongoing service plan to inspect and maintain your furnace on a regular basis. This can help to flag any issues well before they become problems.

Knowing the signs that you need furnace repair, as well as what to do when your furnace runs into issues, is very important to protect your household. Stay safe and comfortable all season long when you rely on our team to look after your furnace – contact us today.