3 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality this Summer

The summer months bring high levels of humidity, which can make it difficult to breathe comfortably and causes a particular strain on those who live with respiratory issues. Your HVAC system can also be causing dust and dirt to be circulated throughout your home. This issue can be resolved with professional maintenance. Improving your indoor air quality will help to provide a safe environment for your family, and you will notice a significant difference in your comfort levels this summer. Here are three ways to improve your indoor air quality:

  1. Duct Cleaning: Dust, dander, and other contaminants build up in your ductwork and end up being circulated throughout your home, having a negative effect on your indoor air quality. Having your ducts cleaned annually will help to clear out all the build-up from the winter months and keep your system fresh and ready to provide cool, clean air in the summer.
  2. HVAC Maintenance: Sometimes your system is also to blame for circulating contaminants throughout your home. A simple way to prevent this problem is to have your HVAC system maintained seasonally, getting your air conditioning properly inspected and cleaned before the season so that it is providing cleaner air.
  3. Air Filter Replacement: Talk to your HVAC technician to see what kind of recommendations they can provide for air filters that can do a better job of reducing air contaminants. A small investment can make a huge difference in the air quality in your home. Your air filters will be replaced as part of your regular HVAC maintenance service.

If you struggle with poor indoor air quality, reach out to our team at Premier Home Comfort to find out how we can help you breathe easier this summer.