Air Conditioning Repair: Five DIY Checks You Can Make Before Calling the Pros

As a homeowner, requesting a professional air conditioning repair only to find out you forgot something as obvious as flipping a switch can be quite an embarrassment. In several cases, AC issues have straightforward fixes that save you time and money.

Here are five easy troubleshooting checks you can perform on your AC unit before calling a technician:

  1. Check Your Thermostat. Start by inspecting your thermostat settings. Ensure it is set to “cool” mode and at a temperature lower than the current room temperature. If the thermostat display is blank, consider replacing its batteries or checking whether its circuit breaker tripped (more on that later).
  2. Check Your AC’s Power Switches. AC systems usually have two power switches—one for the outdoor unit and one for the indoor unit. Both switches need to be turned on for your system to function properly. Locate these switches and make sure they are in the “on” position.
  3. Check the Condition of Your AC’s Air Filters. Clogged or dirty air filters obstruct airflow and reduce cooling efficiency, which strains your AC unit’s performance. This can lead to bigger problems that may require air conditioning repair. If the air filters are visibly dirty or haven’t been replaced in over three months, this might be a good time to replace them.
  4. Check Your Home’s Circuit Breaker Panel. Sometimes, the circuit breaker associated with your AC unit or thermostat may trip to prevent electrical overload. To confirm this, open your home’s circuit breaker panel and switch any tripped breakers back on. If a breaker keeps tripping, it’s advisable to involve a technician to address the issue.
  5. Restart the Unit. As a last resort, you can attempt rebooting the entire AC system. This can help resolve minor system glitches, especially if the AC’s hardware is intact.

If the problem persists even after these DIY checks, don’t hesitate to contact us at Premier Home Comfort for further assistance with air conditioning repair.