AC ReplacementThere are any number of ways in which you can increase the value and enjoyment of your Barrie, ON home, and each has a preferable time of the year in which it can or should be done. While the summer is an ideal time for many of these home improvements, there is one that should be completed well before that – AC replacement. Taking care of this improvement during the spring is the best time for a number of reasons.

  • Comfort– During AC replacement, you will not be able to have the air conditioning on, so your home could be quite uncomfortable if you were to do this during the summer. While most contractors are considerate of this problem and conduct AC replacement as quickly as possible, it will still be better to handle it before summer arrives. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable summer with a new system in place from the start.
  • Availability & Pricing– When summer arrives and there are numerous households experiencing failed air conditioners, it may take longer to get AC replacement scheduled. Furthermore, you may find better pricing during the spring because manufacturers and contractors may be offering rebates or discounts. They rarely do so during the summer because demand is already in place.
  • Reduced Energy Costs– If you take care of AC replacement in the spring, you will enjoy an entire summer of reduced energy costs. Why experience another hot summer with through-the-roof utility bills if you can help it?

It is usually wiser to consider AC replacement before your current system fails, and at Premier Home Comfort, we highly recommend having this done before summer begins. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today. We’ll assess your system and provide you with a no-obligation quote, so you can beat the heat this year.