Cooling ServicesWhen is the best time to get your air conditioner serviced and ready to run at full capacity?  Is it in the fall, after you’ve finished giving it a thorough workout?  It’s certainly not in the middle of the summer, when the full force of high temperatures is upon you.  While you could choose to have your cooling services performed then, the best time to have them done is just before the start of a new hot season.  This will leave your air conditioner ready to use when you need it.

While it is almost guaranteed that you want to have air conditioner cleaning performed to remove dirt, debris and other pollutants so they won’t blow through your air conditioner, there are other cooling services that you may need performed before you are ready to use your air conditioner.  For example, you may have noticed that your air conditioner wasn’t blowing as much cold air as it should at the end of last season, so you may want to have an air conditioning inspection performed.  Once the air conditioner inspection is complete, we can help you determine which other cooling services will best meet your needs.  Some of these other cooling services you may be interested in include air conditioning repair or replacement, or the installation of a new air conditioner.

Regardless of which cooling services you need, if you want the work to be completed correctly and effectively, contact us at Premier Home Comfort.  We have the experience, knowledge and integrity necessary to take care of all your cooling service needs.  Our goal is to help you stay cool, even when the temperature outside is heating up.