AC RepairMany times in life, we are faced with the conundrum about whether to fix something or replace it. It happens with appliances, vehicles and clothing, just to name a few. It stands to reason that the same question would come up when you suddenly face a bill for AC repair. A low-cost AC repair on a newer system may be easy to decide about, but a larger bill or repeated bills for AC repair on an older system becomes more challenging. There are a number of factors to consider in this decision process.

  • Upfront Costs – The first thing to consider is the upfront costs. In most cases, replacement is going to cost more than AC repair, but you must also factor in the potential of more AC repair costs in the near future if it breaks down again.
  • LifespanYour air conditioning contractor should be able to tell you the age of the system and the anticipated lifespan in its current condition. While it may be cheaper upfront to do AC repair, it may be throwing good money away if the most you can hope for is a couple more years.
  • Efficiency – There are hidden costs in an old system, namely higher utility bills. If 50% of your cooling costs are money thrown away due to an inefficient system, you could be putting that money into payments on a new system and building value instead.
  • Future Plans – If you are not planning to stay in your home much longer, you should also consider how each option would affect your property value. An old system may force you to accept a lower price, but consider whether it will be an amount lesser or higher than the cost of the new system.

If you would like a professional’s opinion regarding AC repair or replacement, give us a call at Premier Home Comfort. We provide the information you need in order to make the best choice for your circumstances. Our 20 years in the Barrie, ON area allows us to factor in every consideration necessary, so you’ll know whether AC repair makes sense or not. If you are ready for an honest assessment, give us a call.