Five Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Your air conditioner is a life saver in this summer heat, and there’s a noticeable difference when it isn’t working properly. When you are uncomfortable because you don’t have working air conditioning, your productivity, sleep, and health can take a turn for the worse. Because we don’t want you to live without proper cooling any more than you do, we think it’s important that you know what warning signs to look out for that your air conditioner is struggling.

Here are five signs that you need air conditioning repair:

  1. Weak Air Flow- Adequate airflow is important because without it, your air conditioner can’t do its job properly. You may be able to fee some cold air coming out of the vents, but if it is blowing very weakly, then it can’t circulate, and your home or business won’t become much cooler.
  2. High Energy Bill- Of course, you can expect a high energy bill during the summer because your air conditioner must work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. However, if you see unusual spikes in your energy bill, it may be a sign that your unit is inefficient and needs air conditioning repair.
  3. Too Much Humidity- In addition to keeping your home or business a cool temperature, your air conditioner also controls the indoor humidity. If you find that it is very humid inside even though your air conditioner is running, you should get a professional to check it out.
  4. Bad Odours- Bad odours could be caused by any number of things, but if you notice them while your AC is running, there may be mold or some other problem in your ducts that requires air conditioning repair.
  5. Strange Noises- Air conditioners aren’t always silent, but that doesn’t mean you should be hearing loud grinding or rattling noises. Get a professional to examine your AC if you hear anything strange.