Four Things You Should Know Before HVAC Installation

A good HVAC system should provide indoor air quality, thermal control, and comfort. Whether you are planning to upgrade your unit or replace your old one, below are four key things you should know to ensure you get the best out of your next HVAC installation.

  1. Quality Installation Over Quality Brand. When we think about HVAC systems, we tend to believe that the brand name matters. To some extent, this is true. However, any decent brand will work like clockwork, provided it’s installed properly.
  2. Size Matters. Proper sizing is crucial for HVAC efficiency. An undersized HVAC unit will struggle to provide you with the desired indoor environment, meaning it will have to overwork itself. This will inevitably lead to a shorter lifespan. On the other hand, going too big will undermine energy efficiency. Your HVAC unit will cycle on and off faster than the time it takes to deliver treated air to your ducts, resulting in unnecessary energy consumption.
  3. Location. It’s no secret that AC systems can be a tad noisy. To avoid the constant annoyance, consider placing your outdoor HVAC system as far away as possible from living (and sleeping) spaces like your living room or bedrooms.
  4. Hire the Right People for the Job. Finally, you should always hire a licensed and experienced professional for HVAC installation. This will ensure you get the best installation, sizing, and placement possible for your HVAC system. Furthermore, you’ll benefit from their wealth of industry knowledge on maintaining and getting the best out of your investment.

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