Is Fall a Good Time for Furnace Maintenance?

As much as we try not to think about it, many of our activities are influenced by weather patterns. It’s probably why we schedule spring cleaning and summer breaks. And when it comes to furnace maintenance, fall sounds like the perfect time. Or does it?

Although it’s never a bad time for a furnace tune-up, the best time is just before winter sets in. There are several reasons for this:

  • Increases Safety. Furnaces provide us with invaluable warmth during cold winters, so it’s important that they are up and running before winter. Furthermore, dirty or damaged parts of your furnace can expose you to carbon monoxide, which is dangerous in any closed environment, such as indoors. Therefore, you should have the furnace burner, heat exchanger, and vents checked in the fall before you start using them.
  • Improves Efficiency. Regular furnace maintenance can increase the efficiency of your system. This translates to lower energy bills and better heating for your home. Fall is the perfect time to do this, considering you will be priming your furnace ahead of the cold winter.
  • Extends Lifespan. On average, furnaces have a life expectancy of about 20 years. When you schedule annual tune-ups during fall, the lifespan can increase, meaning you’ll enjoy the warmth of a functional furnace much longer. This will save you the cost of a new furnace sooner than necessary.

Overall, why not make fall furnace maintenance a habit? Our licensed technicians at Premier Home Comfort are ready to help get your furnace in peak condition before the winter, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.