Keep Your Family Safe by Controlling the Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality of your home can be affected by a number of pollutants, including particles of pollen from outside the home and particles from cleaning agents inside the home, just to name a few examples. When these particles recirculate inside the home, indoor air quality can suffer, which can lead to headaches; throat, nose, and eye irritation; and even respiratory issues later if the problem isn’t taken care of correctly.

Many of these particles are unavoidable, such as pet dander, dust, and pollutants that come from some of your favourite hobbies. Some short-term solutions can help control these particles, such as regularly bathing your pets, vacuuming instead of sweeping, or opening windows when engaged in activities like painting or cooking. However, these solutions aren’t as effective at keeping your family safe in the long run. For this reason, it’s important that your ventilation system is working properly.

Here at Premier Home Comfort, we have 20 years of experience with improving home indoor air quality through performing any HVAC equipment maintenance your home may need to cycle out contaminants in the air. We offer humidifier repair, air duct cleaning, and more services to help make sure your home is properly ventilated to protect you and your family from the negative effects of lingering air pollutants. If you’re worried that the indoor air quality in your home isn’t up to par, give us a call today so we can get you and your family back to breathing cleaner and safer air.