The Ideal Maintenance Schedule for HVAC Service

Your HVAC system does a lot of hard work all year long, providing a warm house to come home to after a day of skiing or a refreshing cool space when you’ve finished mowing the lawn. HVAC service helps your system to keep doing its job and keeps you and your family comfortable throughout the year. There are a lot of moving parts, so taking care of your system with ongoing maintenance will help to ensure everything continues to run smoothly. Here is an ideal maintenance schedule for HVAC service:


  • Landscaping: Throughout the year, make sure to keep the area around your outside units clean and debris-free, so your landscaping doesn’t interfere with the equipment. Trim plants, trees, and shrubs to keep a clearance of about three feet.
  • Thermostat: Adjusting your thermostat as the temperature changes helps to prevent your system from wasting energy. Make sure the set point temperature is not hotter than conditions outside in the spring/summer, or cooler than outside in the fall/winter.


  • Schedule HVAC Service Maintenance: Before the weather gets much warmer, schedule an HVAC appointment to have your air conditioner inspected and cleaned. This will prepare your system for the summertime, before it gets very hot and technicians are busier.


  • Schedule HVAC Service Maintenance: As the weather starts to cool, make an appointment to have your furnace inspected and maintained for the upcoming winter season. Your technician will check all components, change filters, and lubricate moving parts to help make sure your system is ready. Any potential issues can also be addressed before they become emergency repairs.

Regular maintenance will help your HVAC system stay in great shape, extend the system’s life, and flag any problems before they escalate. Get in touch with our team at Premier Home Comfort to schedule your HVAC service appointment.