AC InstallationThere are two factors that you should consider regarding AC installation – choosing the right equipment and choosing the right installer. This is as true if you are replacing an existing system as it is if you are building a new home. If you take an active interest in the process, you will gain a better result than if you leave the decisions to someone else.

  • The Right Equipment – Just as technology gives us better options in other industries, the same is true in air conditioning. Take the time to learn what the newest systems can provide, and get the most efficient model that you can afford. Bells and whistles are nice, but don’t sacrifice lower utility or maintenance costs in order to get them. Look at the efficiency rating and expected lifespan.
  • The Right Contractor – Choose a contractor that has a number of years of experience with AC installation and is licensed under TSSA. They have the knowledge to avoid the rookie mistakes like putting the thermostat too close to a heat source or putting air ducts in less-than-ideal locations. The best system installed incorrectly will not give you the efficiency and longevity that you expect. This makes quality AC installation a vital part of the equation.

At Premier Home Comfort, we have 20 years of AC installation experience and the integrity to provide you with honest assessments and information, so you can make the best choice. We can also provide you with an assessment of the benefits of replacing an outdated system. For example, if your system is more than 10 years old, a new system could save you between 20 and 40 percent on your utility bills. Call us today for trustworthy advice on AC installation options.