Furnace MaintenanceYou expect a lot out of your furnace and probably don’t give it much thought as it works tirelessly to keep you warm throughout the winter. In order to get the most out of your furnace and prevent problems, it’s a good idea to do some furnace maintenance throughout the winter. Here’s what we suggest.

  • Change the filter. This simple, but highly important furnace maintenance task is often forgotten or put off for too long. Filters are responsible for filtering out dust and debris from the air that gets sucked into your furnace. Over time, these particles build up on the filter and the filter becomes ineffective, allowing debris to enter the furnace. This makes your furnace work harder, which leads to it breaking down sooner and needing more frequent maintenance. Replacement filters are affordable and simple to install. You only need to change them out a couple times a year, so write yourself a reminder and get it done.
  • Clean the furnace. While you’re replacing the filter, try to vacuum or wipe out any excess dust and debris you notice in the furnace. The filter gets most of that dirt, but it still can build up, especially if you haven’t been changing your filters frequently.
  • Clean the vents. Proper circulation is essential to keeping your furnace operating correctly. Wipe the vents out or clean with a vacuum to get maximum air flow.

When doing furnace maintenance, please be sure to practice proper safety precautions. Turn off all power to the furnace before performing any maintenance. Our team at Premier Home Comfort is happy to do furnace maintenance for you, or if you should run into any unexpected trouble during your furnace maintenance check, please give us a call.