Why Furnace Cleaning Is Important

As we head into the fall and winter, it’s time to take care of a very important maintenance task: furnace cleaning. Most experts recommend that you clean your furnace once a year to ensure it continues to work properly and keep you warm in the winter. While furnace cleaning may not be the task at the very top of your to-do list, you need to make sure you don’t neglect it, or else you will have to deal with consequences.

Here are a few reasons furnace cleaning is so important:

  • A dirty furnace affects your indoor air quality. When dirt, dust, debris, and other substances find their way into your furnace (and they inevitably will), they can begin to circulate throughout your home and affect people with asthma, other respiratory illnesses, and allergies. In addition, if the heat exchanger in your furnace gets dirty, it can crack and release poisonous carbon monoxide into your home.
  • Your furnace will run more efficiently after being cleaned. If dirt is inhibiting your furnace from running as well as it should, it will have to run more frequently to keep your home sufficiently warm, causing your energy bill to rise. However, cleaning your furnace ensures that it won’t have to work harder than it needs to, and you can save energy and money.
  • Furnace cleaning helps the parts to last longer. Dirty furnace parts will begin to wear out and age sooner than they should, so to avoid having to replace parts or your furnace early, make sure to stay on top of your annual furnace cleaning.